DotConnect is excited to host first Global Dev Connection Webnair on Edge Computing.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth.

Cloud and Edge technologies are being one of the major core components for building modern web applications and distributed systems. Initially utilised by big tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, these technologies are now being a vital part of enterprise organisations, like bank, insurance, telecommunication companies. As one of the top IT service destinations, Bangladesh has huge opportunity in international and local market by gaining skills in these areas.

Engineers and architects from software industry would like to share their experience gained through building a next generation cloud platform. This can be a opportunity for developers and companies to learn more about real world challenges and opportunities in Cloud and Edge technologies and in-person discussion about various factors to consider to bootstrap the usage of these technologies into their career or organisation.

Edge Computing to Adapt with New Norm

With current pandemic situation, digital technologies provide a strong support to continue life as usual where possible.

Students are participating online classes, doctors are treating patients remotely with more safety, professionals continuing their work from home and the list goes on.

As usage of internet and computing increased significantly, it is also important to start thinking, designing and utilizing technologies most effectively where possible.


In the dev connection, following areas will be discussed:

  • Introduction to Edge Computing: what is edge computing, how it is different from Cloud Computing
  • Real World Use Cases: Demonstration of some real world problems that can be solved with Edge Computing
  • Getting Started with Edge Computing: provides a simple technical demo
  • Designing Edge Computing Based System: a technical architecture for a typical e-commerce project
  • Technology Vendor Solutions: Provides variaous solutions related to edge computing. AWS for the Edge, Azure Stack Edge
  • Understanding Edge Computing in Depth: Azure Stack Edge

Event Registration

Registration and other details of event will be published soon.